Halloween, Militant Turkeys, and Stress Oh My! | Off in the Weeds 032

John’s Birthday! Insane Clowns, Kim Kardashian’s Robbery, and Pill Cosby’s Trial | Off in the Weeds 030
October 11, 2016
Jessica Is No Fan Of Mansplaining | Off in the Weeds 033
November 7, 2016
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  • John gets a stress test – and it mostly sucks bc he’s furry
  • Jess is dismayed by our current society
  • John waxes religious about letting everyone do what they gotta do
  • We commiserate about people who call their pets “fur babies”
  • Should you spoon your dog?
  • Twitter and Vine and building your whole biz around someone else’s platform.
  • Halloween “Would You Rather” – learn some fun stuff about John and Jess!
  • Wild Turkeys horrifying local residents in California
  • Teenager gets head stuck in pumpkin while family laughs their ass off.


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