Happy International Podcast Day! We Meet Jessica’s Father | Off in the Weeds 029

Protests, What Are They Good For? Kaley Cuoco, Kaepernick, and Go Topless Go | Off in the Weeds 028
September 8, 2016
John’s Birthday! Insane Clowns, Kim Kardashian’s Robbery, and Pill Cosby’s Trial | Off in the Weeds 030
October 11, 2016
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  • We celebrate International Podcast Day by recording a podcast.
  • Jessica’s Father Andy joins the show.
  • Most people over 50 still use their AOL email address
  • John talks about people’s intolerance for conflicting opinions on social media.
  • The NFL’s TV ratings are down 10% this year.  We discuss our theories on why.
  • How Gary Johnson can actually beat Trump & Clinton without winning the popular vote.
  • John was a guest on Ramona Rice’s Sports Gal Pal Podcast
  • We play “Would You Rather?”



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