John gets Negative Feedback, Transgender Potty & Dating Fallout Being a Podcast Ambassador | Off in the Weeds 016

Welcome to Mississippi “The Bigot State” Transgender Potty & Dating Issues, Is Amy Schumer Plus Size? | Off in the Weeds 015
April 20, 2016
Philly Jesus & Polydactylous Kids | Off in The Weeds 017
May 7, 2016
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This episode Jess and John discuss:

  • John responds to hate mail
  • John represents his entire gender and answers…”why dick pics”
  • Dick pic’ing is like fishing
  • “In online dating, you’re either the finger, or the booger.” CLASSIC
  • Some interesting info about Prince
  • Go watch Grandma’s Boy
  • Being someone’s podcast ambassador and what a pain it is

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