John’s Birthday! Insane Clowns, Kim Kardashian’s Robbery, and Pill Cosby’s Trial | Off in the Weeds 030

Happy International Podcast Day! We Meet Jessica’s Father | Off in the Weeds 029
October 1, 2016
Halloween, Militant Turkeys, and Stress Oh My! | Off in the Weeds 032
October 31, 2016
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  • We discuss other people John shares a birthday with, and what else happened in history today
  • Jess is SUPER over NYC – here’s why
  • Pumpkin season! Do we care??
  • Pumpkin foods and what we think. Do you like any of them?
  • Clown hysteria and the real threat
  • Kim Kardashian robbery – did she deserve it? Was it in an inside job?
  • Is the single life really better than having a wife and kids? John envies the single life.
  • If we could go back and wish away our marriages, we would. But not the kids.
  • Some men show up just to pay bills. Some men are only expected to show up and pay the bills. Some men don’t know what’s going on until shit hits the fan. Some dads are shitty. Some are over involved. And apparently, all moms coddle their kids.


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