Poo Haiku | Off in the Weeds 005

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March 3, 2016
What’s Funny and Twitter Feuds | Off in the Weeds 006
March 14, 2016
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In this episode of Off in the Weeds Jessica and John discuss:

  • The Republican Candidate Cock-off Debate
  • Is Trump the Hitler of the new millennium?
  • Who is more skeevy, Kim Kardashian or Mylie Cyrus?
  • John heard an interesting question on the “Not Too Deep” podcast with Grace Helbig. Which turned into Poo Haiku.
  • If you want to give us your worst pants shitting story or close call in 3 words or short phrases email us at Hello@offintheweeds.com

Link to articles discussed in this episode:

What I accidentally learned managing Trump’s campaign

Trump kept Hitler’s speeches by his bed

Bill Maher Points Out How Frighteningly Trump Sounds to Hitler

Major GOP Donors Are Turning Their Hopes Toward a Contested Convention

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