Practical Jokes and Revenge | Off in the Weeds 009

Broken Bones, Burns, & Bugs | Off in the Weeds 008
March 20, 2016
Throwing Poo Like Chimpanzees | Off in the Weeds 010
March 26, 2016
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In this episode Jessica and John discuss:

  • Jess has a new computer and her husband is driving her nuts
  • ADHD and how it drives you to buy EVERY project management system ever
  • PM apps are like crash diets for ADHD people
  • Mac Power Users –
  • My husband thinks someone is hiding his kitchen knives – who would be so vengeful in the house?
  • Three is Comedy Podcast
  • John seeks revenge on people – the case of 2 stutterers
  • Jess’s stories of revenge
  • Which is worse – a roach sandwich or making someone cheat on a new girlfriend?

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