Protests, What Are They Good For? Kaley Cuoco, Kaepernick, and Go Topless Go | Off in the Weeds 028

John’s Messy Podcast Meetup and Jessica visits a Medium | Off in the Weeds 027
September 2, 2016
Happy International Podcast Day! We Meet Jessica’s Father | Off in the Weeds 029
October 1, 2016
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  • Colin Kaepernick doesn’t stand for the national anthem and Jess is super annoyed about it
  • John and Jessica argue, AGAIN, about #blacklivesmatter and why it matters. This is exhausting for both of them
  • Melania – is she considered a “whore” for doing nude spreads? How much damage did the “escort” accusation really do?
  • John thinks the FBI killed Marilyn Monroe
  • Pam Anderson wants us to stay away from porn
  • Kaley Cuoco – showing her boobs
  • Jess doesn’t think highly of Kaley bc she’s “not a feminist”
  • Jess hates #gotoplessgo
  • Jess is a big prude.
  • John thinks the Brock Turner judge is a sexual deviant.


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  1. John sorry but you are not the oldest podcaster out there Fred Castenada of the Struggling Entrepreneur and The Podcast Report he was in Vietnam. So that makes him older and if I remember right there was a guy who is in his 80’s doing a podcast but not for sure.

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